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Carlo Gavazzi’s Mobile Equipment Solutions Digital Platform

CARLO GAVAZZI is excited to announce our Mobile Equipment Solutions Digital Platform featuring our optimal sensors, switches, and controls solutions. These products are popular for the demanding and rigorous demands found in most mobile equipment applications.

The Mobile Equipment Solutions Digital Platform is an information-laden single web page that provides rich digital content related to the company’s product solutions portfolio for mobile equipment, including:

Who is Carlo Gavazzi: A brief synopsis of our company, describing our long-running global dominance in the design, manufacture, and sales of automation technology and our other building and industrial automation solutions.
Challenges of Mobile Equipment: A description of why specifically Mobile Equipment applications are so demanding and challenging, and why sensors with E1 certification are the optimum sensing solution.
Mobile Equipment Applications: Some of the more common applications on Mobile Equipment, and what types of Sensors, Controls, or Switches are used on each.
Product Range: Including links from Carlo Gavazzi’s Mobile Equipment product solutions: Brochures, Videos, User Manuals, Data Sheets, and Product Selection Guides for each.
Product Selection Guide: Enter your application variables, and you’ll not only be provided the required part number, but also the applicable accessories. You’ll also be provided with links to the part numbers required, as well as their data sheet and inventory levels of our distribution channel partners.

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