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Danfoss formally completed its $3.3 billion acquisition of Eaton hydraulic. By merging Eton's hydraulics business with Danfoss power solutions, it will double the size of the danfoss hydraulics business. With this latest acquisition, Danfoss has established itself as a global leader in mobile and industrial hydraulics, growing by a third to become a global leader in mobile and industrial hydraulics. Eton's hydraulics business will be merged with Danfoss power solutions, doubling the size of Denvers's hydraulics business.

After confirming all the necessary regulatory approvals and closing conditions, Denvers formally completed its $3.3 bn (# 3bn) acquisition of Eaton's hydraulic business. The move will increase Danfoss' size by a third and establish it as a global leader in mobile and industrial hydraulics.

Mobile Hydraulics has been one of DENVERS's most successful core businesses for more than 50 years. The acquisition of Eaton's hydraulic business is an important aspect of Danfoss' development strategy. Eton's hydraulics business will merge with Danfoss power solutions, adding about 10,000 employees worldwide and generating global sales of $1.8 BN (# 1.5 bn) by 2020. Merging the two organizations would double the size of Danfoss power solutions and its ability to innovate.

The enhanced Danfoss power solutions will have the widest range of mobile and industrial hydraulic products and solutions on the market, including fluid delivery systems. The company's distribution channels have also been significantly improved, as has its local application support and geographic coverage. All these advantages will make danfoss power solutions a stronger technology partner for existing and new customers and a leader in digitization and electrification.


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