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Hybrid joints for Cu-wired screened medium voltage cables

Ensto’s CJH11 hybrid joint series presents a wide selection of fast and easy-to-install underground cable splices. They are used for jointing single core copper-wire-screened medium voltage cables with polymeric insulation to each other in various types of distribution grids worldwide.


Essential part of the grid

If there were no medium voltage joints, it would not be possible to build the grid! That is why they play an essential part in the underground cable network. They also are the most vulnerable part of the cable line and hence, the high quality of the product together with a professional installation are of great importance. Ensto has made the jointing as easy as possible to minimize the mistakes in installation and to guarantee a super durable end result.


Why to choose a hybrid joint?

Ensto’s medium voltage hybrid joints include cold shrinkable joint bodies with superior electrical performance and heat shrinkable outer jacket tubes of excellent mechanical strength. The most important component of the hybrid joint is the joint body, which is manufactured in a clean factory environment using cold shrink technology. The single-piece body with integrated geometric stress control elements and insulating layer is expanded on a spiral core, which is easily removed during assembly. On the installation site, only the outermost layer is installed using heat shrink technology and as there are less installation steps, the jointing is easy and very fast.



Manufacturing in own factory

According to Kenneth Väkeväinen, Head of Product Management, Underground Networks the customer benefits from the fact that all the major components in the hybrid joint accessory kits are manufactured in Ensto’s own factory.


“We produce cable connectors, cold shrink joint bodies and heat shrink tubes in-house, which offers the best possible control of the delivery times for our customers in the current market environment.”


In addition to cold shrink joints and cold shrink terminations, Ensto’s comprehensive range of medium voltage cable accessories includes a full selection of packages with heat shrink technology.



In-house manufactured CHJ11 hybrid joints offer reliability for medium voltage installations:

Combined benefits of cold and heat shrink technologies: Superior electrical performance and excellent mechanical strength.

Wide product range: Kits available for 12–42 kV application ranging from 10–1000 mm² cable sizes.

Easy installation: Less installation steps and clear, textless installation instructions.


CJH11 hybrid joints 1-core XLPE with Cu-wire shield

The joint kit is used for jointing of medium voltage cables with polymeric (XLPE/EPR/HPTE) insulation and copper wire shield. The kit is suitable for single core cables, containing the components for one cable core. Hybrid joints include cold shrinkable joint bodies and heat shrinkable outer jacket tubes.


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