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Temperature and Humidity Monitor THEye

The Swiss company FiveCo launches compact data loggers under its new brand THEye. These monitor temperature and humidity of the environment for various applications such as the transportation of perishable goods or precious objects. For accurate results, they rely on Sensirion’s temperature and humidity sensors.

What do the monitoring of cold chains for food and pharmaceuticals and the transport of valuable objects such as ebony or paintings have in common with the monitoring of laboratory environments, wine cellars and greenhouses? The answer is as simple as it is important: ambient temperature and humidity must always be controlled. To ensure close monitoring, FiveCo has now developed THEye TH-2.

The device can monitor the temperature and humidity of its environment with a tunable measurement frequency. The THEye smartphone application stores all data on a secure server and allows it to be accessed remotely. That way, the user has complete control over his data. The IP68 rating proves that THEye is dust-proof and can be fully submersed. Thus, it is resistant to its environment. On top of that, the device impresses with an autonomy of up to 8 years. The entire solution is built into a compact device measuring only 31.8 x 38 x 11.5 mm – roughly the size of a bottled water cap. Available in two versions with different temperature accuracy, THEye's ingenious integration of temperature and humidity sensors makes all units extremely sensitive to environmental fluctuations.

“Sensirion is proud to support and partner with innovative companies, generating transparency and traceability around the world. THEye is a perfect example of how our temperature and humidity sensors can be used to make the world smarter and more efficient.” states Matthias Scharfe, Product Manager Humidity at Sensirion.

For accurate results, FiveCo relies on Sensirion’s temperature and humidity sensor series SHT3x. The sensor series combines multiple functions and various interfaces (I²C, analog voltage output) with an application-friendly, very wide operating voltage range (2.15 to 5.5 V). Both versions of THEye are equipped with sensors of this series. For the THEye TH-2 ISO specifically, FiveCo developers used the SHT33-DIS, whose ISO17025 certification allows the logger to be cold chain compliant.

“This partnership between our two Swiss companies granted the opportunity to develop a reliable, compact and easy-to-use product which we are most proud of” says Antoine Lorotte, CEO of FiveCo.


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