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Global IoT Project of the Year 2022 Opens for Entries

June 23, 2022

The awards – now in their third year – are open to any and all tech companies building advanced IoT solutions.

Iot Project Of The Year Event, Industry Today

Wialon has announced that the IoT project of the year 2022 is now open to enter. World leading experts will reveal the world’s best IoT projects for the awards, now in their third consecutive year. Applications will be open until July 26, and the winners will be announced in October during Telematics Dubai. The award ceremony will make up a key part of the IoT conference, where participants will be able to fully immerse themselves in a world which is filled with advanced IoT technology.  

IoT project of the year is the world’s one and only contest for telematics and IoT solutions providers. The event collates real-life use cases which have measurable value to clients and customers. The projects are evaluated by experts with proven track records in the implementation of connected projects. 

Any technological company can participate in the IoT project of the year. Their location, software and hardware selection, as well as the size of the company, aren’t barriers to entry. What really matters is whether a solution changes a sector for the better.

AliaKSAndr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon at Gurtam said, ‘’Internet of Things today is a much broader concept than could have been imagined just a few years ago. The original, innovative, and often outstanding projects are changing not only specific businesses but also many different spheres of our life. One of last year’s winners was a project from Mexico that helped enable the survival and reproduction of the rare Ridley tortoise. A South African company’s solution reduced the number of fuel thefts, a serious problem in the region. In Spain, an IoT solution was developed for a major national service provider, making correspondence and parcel deliveries more effective. All in all, more than 100 projects ranging from Spain to Australia took part in the 2021 competition. I believe that this year there will be just as many exceptional projects. We look forward to celebrating them and sharing them with the world‘’ 

About IoT Project of the year 2022

The call for projects has just started, and applications are open until July 26. An international jury of IoT and telematics experts will determine the winners across 17 categories, ranging from long-haul shipping to public safety. The winners will be announced on October 9 in Dubai. 

About Wialon 

IoT project of the year is organized by the team behind Wialon, a telematics and IoT platform with over 3.2 million vehicles connected all over the world.

Wialon is designed by Gurtam, a European GPS tracking and IoT solutions developer with offices in Vilnius, Boston, Dubai, and Buenos Aires.


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