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Micro Sensor and LEEG Join Forces for a More Inspiring Future

Micro Sensor Co., Ltd. and LEEG Instruments signed an equity restructuring of the strategic cooperation agreement. Shanghai LEEG Instrument Co., Ltd. officially joined Micro Sensor Co., Ltd. and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Micro Sensor.

This acquisition will expand Micro Sensor’s portfolio for #processindustry and accelerate the improvement of Micro Sensor's strategic layout in the global #industrialautomation market. At the same time, Micro Sensor will continue to help LEEG Instruments to empower its advantages in research & development and product design and to strengthen its market position and service. The two parties will work together in the global #pressuretransmitter market and achieve a reliable top Chinese industrial manufacturing brand.

As China's industry leader of #piezoresistive #pressuresensors, Micro Sensor has been focusing on technology development, mass production and technical services for many years. The products cover pressure sensors, transmitters, electromagnetic flowmeters, industrial IoT devices and system solutions etc. Not only standard products, but also tailored solutions are provided for clients from more than 95 countries in the world, who are leading pioneers in diverse industrial segments. https://lnkd.in/emvPUGtY

Established in 2005, for 17 years, LEEG Instruments is committed to provide excellent performance of measure and control instruments for process industry and industrial automation. As one of the most innovative providers of measuring instruments solution, LEEG takes technology and innovation as the core concept and supplies the highest quality products and services to continually create maximum value for customers’ outstanding achievements. https://lnkd.in/eRMjGmjr


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