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Robots have a keen eye for sensors

       We humans use our eyes to see our surroundings, and robots use sensors, and without sensors, robots are like wild horses running wild, chasing each other, crashing into sofas, knocking people over.

       First,what is a sensor.

       The sensor is a kind of detection device, which can sense the measured information and convert the information into useful information output. In the field of unmanned vehicles, sensors are an indispensable focus of hardware.

       Second, the classification of sensors.

       The sensors can be divided into introspective sensors and extrospective sensors according to the perspective of the perceived object.

       Third, the specific use of sensors.

       Cleaning operations rely on internal sensors, internal sensors, sense their own state, used to detect the robot's position. The battery sensor is used to detect the power consumption of the robot. When the power level is below a certain value, the sensor will remind the robot to return to the charging post or the workstation to charge automatically. “Outside” view six, navigation obstacle avoidance by external sensors, external sensors, sensing the external state, detection of the external environment in the object's type, position, speed, state and other information. The robot can deeply learn the image information of the external environment through the Vision Sensor. The common products are RGB camera, depth camera and infrared camera. The RGB camera is also known as a color camera. The depth camera can capture not only a flat image, but also the depth information of the subject, that is, three-dimensional position and size information.


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