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Toyota Launches the CDI120, a new Automated Warehouse Solution

Toyota Material Handling Europe has just unveiled the CDI120, an automated pallet carrier designed for warehouse applications.


The CDI120 is a new warehouse solution designed for the horizontal transport of goods. The AGV joins and integrates with Toyota Material Handling’s existing vehicles which include pallet trucks, stackers, forklifts, and reach trucks.


The CDI120 has a very original and compact design. To load a pallet, it goes underneath and lifts it from the bottom, using a collection station to ensure accurate and efficient loading. It can lift loads up to 1200 kg.


The AGV is equipped with a scanner and sensors that are integrated into the chassis. Its differential drive system allows for tight maneuvering at the point of rotation and fast operation, even in areas with limited space.


The CDI120 can autonomously navigate the warehouse and is able to locate objects up to 30 meters away. It can also interpret additional features such as moving objects.


On the safety side, the CDI120 includes front and side detection fields, blue LED signage, and emergency stop systems.


Integrating With a Fleet

The CDI120 can also be integrated into a fleet of AGVs and communicate with other Toyota vehicles via T-ONE software developed by the company. The software allows planning tasks and even multi-step tasks involving different vehicles. For example, it is possible to configure the CDI120 for transport and the RAE automatic reach truck for stacking.


In a statement, Maria Carlsson – Product Manager for Automated Vehicles at Toyota Material Handling Europe said:


“The CDI120 was designed to be on the cutting edge of proven technology. In developing it, our goal was to provide an efficient and cost-effective pallet transporter that cooperates seamlessly with our other trucks, stackers, and automated reach trucks to maximize customers’ return on investment in their transport and stacking applications.”

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