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Sensors Converge 2022 Provide the latest sensors and electronics technology

      Sensors Expo & Conference began 37 YEARS AGO and focuses on sensor technology. Over the years, it has expanded and diversified to include electronic technologies and embedded system that work with sensors, as well as emerging applications such as the Internet of things, connectivity, autonomy and healthcare. Explore the entire ecosystem, from sensing to processing to analysis and connectivity.

      Sensors Expo is a large and professional Sensors and Technology Fair in North America. It has been held for more than 30 years, the Sensors Expo, which brings together the vast majority of Sensor Manufacturers and traders in Asia, Europe and the United States, attracts a large number of buyers and professionals each year.

      The U.S. sensor market is expected to grow 6.7 percent annually to $13.4 billion, according to a new report from Freedonia Group Inc. . Sensor products surveyed by Freedonia include sensors, transmitters, and related rack products. The research firm believes the stimulus to growth lies in the economic recovery in mature application industries such as process control, industrial machinery and traditional automated design. This will stimulate the need for sensors that measure process variables (temperature, pressure, flow, and so on) , electrical variables (current and voltage) , and physical variables (motion, speed, load, and so on) , as well as proximity and position sensors.

     EXHIBITS: Sensors: MEMS, wireless sensor networks, data detection and sensing technology.


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