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Humphrey Products Introduces ProControl PCD Proportional Valve Driver

       Ideally suited for product development, laboratories and production environments, the ProControl PCD is the premier valve driver for controlling proportional solenoid valves of one amp or less. This proportional valve driver applies to any device, regardless of the valve manufacturer.

       The versatile design allows excellent flexibility of various drive/control inputs or manual operation. Valve and interface can be controlled with a host of data acquisitions, such as PLCs, IOTs or sensor feedback (closed-loop) systems.

       The PCD is also user-friendly. In addition to an LCD screen, the PCD features navigation buttons that provide operators with precision manual control. Tool-less connectivity makes set-up fast and easy, too.

       Pre-programming includes default settings for all Humphrey ProControl valves and a custom setting for unique application settings.

       Each PCD is shipped with installation instructions. Unlike competitive proportional valve drivers, the PCD is 100% programmable with fine setting control – no pots or switches to set – and capable of use with any proportional valve specified 1 amp or less with the “custom” setting. It accepts a variety of control signals, namely 0-5v, 0-10v or 4-20mA. Short circuit and reverse polarity protection is included.


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